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I need a seamstress near Indianapolis who is proficient on Serger for swimwear
I am starting a new business for swimwear. I have been unable to find a seamstress who can create the stitch, product I need. I need someone who can create the pattern and take orders for the product...
5 years ago 1
Bernina deco 650
Just retired most of my shirts and sweats are embroidered with my name and since being irish wanted shamrock purchased bernina deco 650 artisia A 1005 embroidary card didn't know it doesn't fit deco...
5 years ago 1
Directron model A3-4 BT-AR
Looking for a pair of these Industrial machines. A pic of it can be seen at this web address. These machines are designed to sew around the outside edge of your product. company no longer in business...
6 years ago 1
baby shoes felt
hi, everybody... do you want felt craft picture for your literatur, in here place for that thanks Redirecting... Hi, 2rcraft! Yes, please! About a dozen gross will hold me for a while. Ship FEdEx...
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Is fusible tape the answer for hemming pants?
I have about 20 suits and a good 6 of them have at least one of the pants leg hems in some state of unsew-dom. For those of you who have this, it sometimes gets worse when you put the pants on because...
7 years ago 1
Stubby screwdriver
I've been breaking needles and creating bird's nests under the needle plate. It takes me a while to unscrew the needleplate with the supplied flat Singer screwdriver. Has anyone found a driver short...
7 years ago 10
Singer 4411HD advice
This is a very inexpensive machine, only $120 on Amazon, and the manual is weak. I'm teaching myself to do some work and having a hard time. It doesn't work very well when I freehand attaching straps...
7 years ago 5
Re: Singer Touch and Sew Zig-Zag Model 606
I have the same sewing machine, don't know where the book is right now. The machine is more like 40+ years old. Maybe you can ask Singer for a download of the instruction book. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^...
7 years ago 1
Humidity on steroids
Andrew needs to cool his workspace: Andrew Stephens shared a link. 4 minutes ago We need to cool the large studio area down and know we are getting into a major electric bill, so I went looking for...
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Directions to finish 60 year old rug
I have a partial rug that was being made about 60 years ago by my great aunt. She died before finishing it. She used the handle of a toothbrush to ?sew? the strips of fabric together. (She treaded the...
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Lilia Vanini Boutique
I studied and graduated in graphic design, I moved to Miami where I worked for many years in the Miami Herald Newspaper and several Miami Fashion Maga zines, in a vacation trip I knew the city of...
7 years ago
arm hole is to tight, in a wool coat i increased by 3 inches. what do i do now.
Can you sew a gussett in the armpit area?
7 years ago 1
ladies dress pants
Please help decide a discussion between my daughter and me. My training is that ladies dress pants zip on the side or down the back. Her claim is that modern styles include front zip with a fly styles...
7 years ago 4
WAKE UP!! It's past time to start your Christmas sewing!!
Whatcha making? You sew folk have been sleeping all year. There have been no new posts in a long time.Where is everyone? Cea Everyone is over in This group is mostly silent. Beverly no new posts in a...
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Parachute 'silk'
I am seeking a source for very inexpensive parachute 'silk'. I am not real particular as to color, more seeking inexpensive artificial fiber 'silk' for near water tight tent walls. :I am seeking a...
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