Bernina deco 650

Just retired most of my shirts and sweats are embroidered with my name and
since being irish wanted shamrock purchased bernina deco 650 artisia A 1005
embroidary card didn't know it doesn't fit deco 650 . Does anyone out the
re know where I can purchase one since getting pretty good with name any he
lp would be grateful thank you
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Purchase a shamrock design? If so:
formatting link
This may not help, as I don't know how designs are transferred to your machine.
I purchase designs for my Singer Quantum XL6000 machine, and transfer them directly to the machine from my computer via a serial cable, OR, I can write designs from my computer to the proprietary Singer card in the equally proprietary card writer, then insert the card in into the machine's card slot.
I have purchased many designs from and have always been very satisfied. They sell designs in many formats. NAYY,
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BEI Design

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