Compendium of Hollowing Systems

Copy and paste, and then add an 'l' (little L) to the URL. It worked when I did that. Tom Weber in Merritt Island, Florida
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Tom Weber
There are a lot of good compacting programs for long addresses, and my favorite of the day is
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Just paste the address in and it will put it into your memory and you can paste the resulting compacted link in by pressing the letters Crtl and V simultaneously.
Been using it for about three years now, and I haven't gotten any spam, malware, spyware or nasties from it, nor has anyone that clicked on the compacted links.
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In message , charlie b writes
very interesting article, I think I may be getting my deep hollowing equipment from the US at this rate.
Here is a link to a system in the UK, not as complex as some of yours, but you might need a bottle of drink after you convert the price to US$ just multiply what you see by 2 !
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