cut off wheels??

Hello all
Can you cut thin wood and thin corian with aluminum oxide cut off wheels,
max thickness is 1/2 inch square corian and 3/4inch sqaure wood blocks.
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Hi Gregg, with wood, cut no, burn through yes, it'll fill up your place with smoke so fast it'll make your head spin, loads up the wheels and makes a mess. With corian I'm not sure, but lexan etc., melts and you have a rough edge, I would use a saw, still the best way in my opinion.
Have fun and take care Leo Van Der Loo
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Leo Van Der Loo
nope.. that's what saws (read "cutting blades") are for...
at best, a cutoff wheel SANDS through things and generates a lot of heat... not the way to get things cut..
Don't use them on your lathe either, (hey, this IS a woodturning group), because the chunks of broken cutoff wheel going through vital organs can ruin your whole day.. YMMV
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mac davis
Gregg, use _any_ kind of saw, pretty much, over a cutoff wheel. As Leo correctly states, you'll have so much smoke from both of them you're head will literally spin, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if burning Corian gives off toxic fumes, too. You should be able to cut it with a coping saw, hacksaw, scroll saw, jig saw, bandsaw...pretty much anything with a fine blade.
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