Goncalco Alves Bowl

Hi everyone,
My barber came to the house last week with a large goncalco bowl blank.
Knowing I do a bit of turning, ( barbers know more about you than your local
barman) he asked me to make him a bowl.
I had never turned this wood before so I made sure my tools were sharp and
got on with it. What a superb finish. Was I just lucky or does this
wood always give such a good finish? Anyway barber liked it so I guess I
might even get a free haircut out of next time I go.
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T. Dougall
I have always found that it finished well. Gondolas is a very nice wood, especially the highly figured. The one drawback with this wood is its allergy potential. The dust could cause skin rashes and respiratory problems. Wear the proper safety gear when turning this wood and wash immediately after finishing. I've had experience with this and it isn't pleasant. I still turn it when I can find it.
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Ralph Fedorak

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