How to use a Skew?

Any have any books/videos/URLs they would recommend on the correct way to
use a skew?
I picked on up the other day and just cant seem to get the hang of it.
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Rob V
Rub the bevel, keep the top point out of the wood; whether your using the long end down or the short end down. It cuts like shaving your face (with a straight edge razor!).
With the lathe off, hold the tool against the wood and turn the piece by hand, rub the bevel and rotate the tool until it starts cutting; or acts like it's going to catch. This is a good way to see exactly how a catch happens.
Do a search of this group's archives at google and you'll get more information about using a skew than you could ever possibly need to know! : )
Brian Clifford's site is excellent for learning tips. Unfortunately I don't know the URL right off, I'm sure someone can provide it for you. Guys?
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I'm struggling with the skew right now too. Found this site to be helpful:
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affiliations etc,Caleb
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Hi Rob, The address is:
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There are some good videos available. Alan Lacer has one, and I'mpretty sure Alan Batty does also.
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F Donald Hart
Ruth's advice on using a skew is "right on the money". I might add keep the part of the tool you are cutting with at or very near the leading short or long point. Always stay within the 1/3 of the leading point. The bevel should just rub lightly. Imagine that the turning were coated with butter. Your job is to keep the bevel rubbing with the butter lubing but not so hard as to rub all the butter off the turning. The skew is one of the easiest tools to use because it has a long flat bevel. Use the bevel to control the depth of cut. If you drop the handle just a bit, it will just rub and no cutting will take place. If you raise the handle a bit too much, the cutting edge will lever into the wood and lift the bevel. Once the cutting edge engages the turning without the bevel to limit the cut, a catch and kick back is the result. A light touch and delicate grip will make the tool easy to use. A "white knuckle grip" will make it almost impossible!
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Marshall Gorrow
Alan Lacer's new video/DVD on the skew chisel is excellent. Everyone has trouble with the skew at first. It didn't click for me until I watched Ernie Newman of Australia use a shovel for a skew. BTW the video is available from AAW or Rockler. Probably others too.
Dave Colorado
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Dave Sifers
Hey Mike, Talk about dry, thorough & complete; a collaboration by Lyn M. and Mike D. with a foreward by yours truly (for the dust) would skew rcw's bandwidth. ;) Arch
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There is a video by a chap in the UK called Allan Batty. It is called 'Allan Batty's Masterclass' - The Definitive Work on the Skew Chisel.
It is excellent and he does explain things clearly but simply
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Paul Loseby
Allan Batty's video on the skew chisel is the best I've ever seen. It's published by the AAW
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. He's a marvelous teacher. I'm much better with the skew since getting this video.
-Jim Gott- San Jose, CA
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Jim Gott

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