Is this just an american newsgroup?

alan.holmes said the following on 15/09/2009 20:31:
Anyone can post here. If you want to discuss things with other UK turners (like me) then there are several forums that get quite a bit of traffic...
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- I tend to use this one as I found it first and have got to know the people on there AWGB -
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Woodturning magazine -
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Duncan Hoyle
There are lots of lurkers from around the world, and all stays pretty quiet unless there are some questions asked, me?, I'm a Dutchman living in Canada, we got all kinds here ;-)), so ask away !
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On Tue, 15 Sep 2009 20:31:06 +0100, "alan.holmes" wrote:
Still worldwide, Alan, same as when you asked last year..
Please remove splinters before emailing
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mac davis
In article ,
It's just that us Brits are quieter!
Me, I had one 1hr lesson when I put chisel to wood but right now I'm busy re-organising my garage, building new benches etc so, knowing nothing, I read, note and learn.
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