Mystery wood identification

I wonder if anyone could help with this .. someone I know (who's in
Australia, I'm in Ireland!) has come by some mystery wood that he can't
identify. It's probably from the Pacific region somewhere, and he says
it arrived in a crate along with some Kwila, Vitex, PNG Rosewood and
Taun, all of which are totally unknown to me, but I Google'd them and
they're all from that area of the world.
Here's his description ... I guess the unusual smell might be the factor
that causes one of you to say "Aaaaaah, I know what that is!".
I have some timber in 4X4 posts but we cant identify it through any
book. Maybe some of ye have come across it before.
Its light, I'd give it an ADD of about 450 - 650 KG/M3
Its strong, I'd rate it SD4
Its very light in colour
IT SMELLS LIKE cloves/aniseed
Any ideas on a species?
Thanks in advance,
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