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Hello Ron,
I don't use the brass candle cups. I use a 7/8" spade bit which has about
1/16" remove from each side at the tip of the cutting end. It is tapered so
that the bottom of the hole is 3/4" and the top where you insert the candle
is 7/8". Don't forget to angle the leading edge of the tapered side. The
tapered hole should give you a good fit with most candles.
I've used the same spade bit for over 10 years with only a touch up now and
then with a diamond hone card.
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Marshall Gorrow
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Hi Ron! I have posted the whole procedure about making the "Rude Oselnik" type Candle Holders a while back last year on WoW. You might want to look at it. Eugen Schlaak "Going with the Grain" Woodturning
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Eugen Schlaak
I did a search for you on the Australian standards site (which searches international standards [ISO] as well as Australian and European [IEC] ) and got zero hits. So it seems the answer to your question is - No.
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I use a 7/8" forstner bit. However I drill holes in both ends of the candleholders since most of mine look fine with either end up.
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James R. Shields

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