Need someone to install dust collection system

I've recently developed an allergy to wood dust and have to get a
collection system installed in my shop, but don't feel competent to do
it myself.
Can someone out there recommend a person/company in the Northern New
Jersey (Morris county) area who/which does this kind of work?
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It's easier than you think. Don't know how far they are from you, but I think you'll find all the help you need at
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Beware cheap off-the-shelf systems. They can can cause more damage then they prevent...
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gary c
Try Oneida for parts at:
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They are very helpful, although not cheap.
Installation is fairly straightforward, but can be time consuming. If you don't want to do it yourself, buy the parts (especially the wyes and connectors) from them and then have a heating/air conditioning contractor do the installation.
Good luck, Bill
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Bill Machin

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