Wrecked A/C unit

I have a two year old window mounted air conditioner made by
Fedders,model A2Q10F2BG, type Q, SKU#401-183. It is a
10,00 btu that leaked all of its refrigerant. (Accidently drilling
a hole in the tubing while trying to attached the unit to the window
framing does it every time ).
Now, does any one know how to make a small air compressing
unit out of this mistake so that I can recoupe something out of my
clumsy error. The unit is wrecked since it will cost more that
buying a new one. All I want to do is some how recoupe my loss.
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Old Salty Frog
Because I live in Newfoundland, Canada, and the nearest servicing shop for Fedders is 5 hrs round trip by car and it was estimated at min. $250 without taxes and GST.
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Old Salty Frog
Gill You can make a compressor or a vacuum chuck source from your compressor, depending on how you set it up. A 10000 BTU is a small/medium power unit, so don't expect great volumes of air movement. Positioning may be critical, as oil seepage may occur if tilted off level.
Before you cut the A/C unit up, tho, you should go by your local welder and talk to them about repairing the damaged coil. They will probably be able to repair the hole if it's not too drastic. The fins may cause a problem. If so, you may be able to cut the coil and splice in a copper tube one size larger than the coil using high temp/ high strength epoxy that A/C repair men use for repair. I got some about 3 years ago from Grainger. It is, or was available via mail order.
Ken Moon Weberville, TX ==================================
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Ken Moon
On Mon, 17 May 2004 13:29:49 -0400, "Old Salty Frog" wrote:
If you fix the hole yourself, simply take it to an auto repair shop that services car air conditioners. They should be able to refill it for you.
Peter Teubel Milford, MA
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