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suggested weight for a lathe that has a 30" diam capacity
the lathe itself weighs 200lb and the bench im building weighs about another 100lb. is that enough to make it not dance with me while turning big off center/not balanced pieces? or should i fill the...
14 years ago 12
What to do with Burl
This is a yellow cedar burl, and it would yield a blank, maybe two, of about 6/8 inches. That would be a 'traditional' shaped blank with the rim of the bowl at the flat cut face. However, shaping the...
14 years ago 3
Shopsmith adapter for Oneway 4 jaw chuck
I used to turn on a Shopsmith many years ago and used a Oneway scroll chuck. When I got my Nova 3000 I replaced the adapter for it with one that fits the Nova. The Shopsmith adapter is just sitting in...
14 years ago 5
FREE: Craftsman Spindle Lathe in Madison, WI
It's a little rusty from being in storage and it needs a motor. It has no stand. I'm located by Farm & Fleet. It must be picked up. Email me if you are interested (do not post ot this group).
14 years ago
Powermatic 4224 spindle rotation in reverse order???
HELP !!! I'm new to woodturning. After a few lessons and attending a woodturning symposium I got hooked. One of my lessons was on a Powermatic 4224. A great tool compared to the old 11" Rockwell that...
14 years ago 7
Musing about obnoxious threads
Rcw seems to be going through another cycle of obnoxious outside interference from sprayed ng threads, vulgar posts, and inappropriate advertisements. They are always with a ng, but this is no more...
14 years ago 9
Personalised Invitations
BIRTHDAYS SPECIAL OCCAISIONS WEDDINGS PARTYS ANNIVERSARYS WE CAN DESIGN AN INVITE FOR YOU. If I was getting a personalised invitation I would get it from someone who could spell.
14 years ago 1
If it's turned wood somebody will want it.
Last winter I brought some sticks of fat lighter (lighterd to rednecks) pine kindling down from Tallahassee and for no reason turned some tacky (and sticky) beads & coves and a knob on the ends. What...
14 years ago 8
Oak-killing pathogen appears in Indiana
Please note this comment as you read the article... "Officials have not decided whether to track plants bought at the store, which might be difficult in the case of cash purchases, Waltz said, or to...
14 years ago 8
Penn State Chucks
Was wondering if anyone has any experience with Penn State "Utility" chucks. I'm relatively new to turning, but have advanced to the point where I'd like to add a chuck to my arsenal. I'm looking for...
14 years ago 2
Jacobs chuck
I'd been looking for a drill chuck for my lathe, so when I found a nice one at an estate sale last week I bought it. Unfortunately, it had no chuck key and I've been unable to find one. The engraving...
14 years ago 8
tool cabinet pics
I posted pics of my new turning tool cabinet in ABPW Boy what a waste of good wood, al made into flat slabs, can you imagine the TURNINGS that could have been made out of that, HeHeHeHe, Very nice...
14 years ago 4
Musing about interior decorators, (don't blame me, it's the heat)
My old fishing cottage is now surrounded by the waterfront McMansions of the nouveau riche so my address is included for all the freebee slick enamelled high fashion and upscale architecture and...
14 years ago 4
My new knife holder (for when I go car camping)
I realized the idea that I had on Friday morning when I posted the questions about the knife block. As promised, here are a couple of pictures. Sorry for the absurdly low quality of the pictures. I...
14 years ago 6
Resource for Grooved Belts
I've been to three automotive stores in town and can not find the belt necessary to finish the VS Motor upgrade I'm doing to my Woodfast lathe. I purchased a Vicmarc stand for it which involves...
14 years ago 4