FINALLY! One fish completed!

I have been working on those nasty tessellated fish for ages and have
tried at least a dozen times and messed up.
I think I found the solution.
I entered each row on my checklist software that synchronizes between my
desktop and my Palm Pilot. I can check off the check box on each row as
I finish it, the rows are numbered so I can make sure I haven't skipped
one, and I can reset the check boxes when I'm done.
I FINALLY finished one tonight. Now I am working on a second one to see
if I can finish it without having to start over, which means I have a
successful solution.
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
Melinda Meahan - take out TRASH to reply spun a FINE 'yarn':
Melinda Meahan - take out TRASH to reply. . .
I still use MY Palm (tungsten), and precisely in the same way! Glad you've found your solution! Noreen
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