Hi all! I've started Socks..

I have had some days where I have,
sort of "gone into hiding", because of my usual migrene,
which lasted longer than normal.
But just now this evening, I AM incredibly normal,
and have ALMOST forgotten about it!!
I have read a bit here this evening,
but you KNOW this group,
it is NOT EASY to catch up with all the messages.
SO I just say this:
Please don't think I neglect you,
if I haven't answered to something I SHOULD have answered to! LOL!
Glad to be back!
I've started a new pair of socks, trying to practise some modular
knitting on the cuff
It is not finished yet, and I don't know if it will work out OK.
But I'll send a picture when/if they are finished.
BUT the spring is just around the corner,
and in stead of spring flowers,
I will give /remind you of these...!!!
My NEXT project??
formatting link
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Hi Aud,
Oh, I love the heel on those socks, very clever and for spring, which is going to visit this weekend, but not stay too long.
I do hope your headache goes away and stays away.
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"Spike Driver" skrev i melding news:GN0Qf.33>>
Dennis, I think you forgot the link? AUD ;-)
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I mean to do those socks, Aud. They are definitely on my "to-do" list. Hope you are feeling better.
Higs, Katherine
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Your are welcome friend. Gail love the new pictures. She looked at me and said "Do you think we will need color ink, we will be going to the store Saturday." I just laughed
Hugs & God bless, Dennis & Gail
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Spike Driver
I agree, those socks are really neat! Good luck with your heachaches, Aud!
Nora if you send us some of that nice weather (without rain, please) we can get all the branches burned that have fallen in our yard throughout the winter. I'm also planning on getting some laundry done too. Of course if we do burn branches, I won't be hanging any clothes out on the line to dry. ;o)
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I read this Subject and wondered ? are we all knitting or collecting socks for Aud ???? have you turned into a centipede ? ????? Ps got my new Piecework Vol Xiv, number 2 , and it has an article about Knit Cuffs With Color By Nancy Bush ,,, wonderful !!! mirjam
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Mirjam Bruck-Cohen
Hee Noreen i see you are still up on Friday , here i already enjoy my Shabat Morning Cup ,,, I hope Aud won`t `kill ` me ,,,, mirjam
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Mirjam Bruck-Cohen
Yes, dear friend, I'm still UP... I was a good girl and stayed away from the computer, and am making up for it now, quite late! Hugs, Noreen
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"Mirjam Bruck-Cohen" skrev i melding news: snipped-for-privacy@ar.news.verio.net...
LOL! Haven't you heard how cold it is in Norway?? NEAR to the NORTH POLE???!!! I think they will take care of me, to survive the winter!! ;-))) AUD ;-)
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"Spike Driver" skrev i melding news:jVwQf.1760$ snipped-for-privacy@fe05.lga...
OH, I'm so glad you care about my cold feet!!! Today I send a pair of socks to my daughter, and now it's time to start a pair for myself! ;-)) AUD ;-))
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