Sunday AM, kaffeklatsch

A huge mass was found via a muggascan between her liver and pancreas. This was
found without even using ALL the "dyes" as they were actually doing an upper GI
looking for something ELSE (ulcer, actually!). She has been very jaundiced.
She is refusing a surgical biopsy (and I don't blame her one bit!). She will
accept an MRI or a petscan.
She is tired, ready and very accepting of this.
She is seeing two more specialists on tuesday.
I've just given a semicircular shawl to the lady whom we did the eleven room
total remodel over the past six months. She had taken us out to dinner when we
finished the final room, and fell in love with the faroese I was wearing that
evening, so when her birthday came up, I gave her a shwal I had been saving TO
give away.
*eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month*
Don participated in a Veteran's breakfast.
It's Sunday, the Cowboys are playing today, I'm making a pot roast, and working
out some +crappola+ for one of those "haven't got a clue" non-persons... (long
story, suffice to say, idiotmoronbaboon!)
I've got a shawl and a pair of socks on the needles.
Planning more lapghans for Veterans.
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So, just sitting around and relaxing, as usual, hey, Noreen?
Higs, Katherine (running!) (Praying for your mother, too, and for you. You will need to be strong now, and so will she.)
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Katherine spun a FINE 'yarn' :
No need to RUN my friend, as HUMOUR is also VERY important! Thank you SO much for the prayers... Hugs back, Noreen
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