Reverse Method? Rolled-Out Dough?

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I'm taking a baking class and last night my instructor mentioned something
she called "rolled-out" dough.  Then she reminded the class about laminated
doughs and rolled-in doughs where the fat is "rolled-in" to form the layers
like in croissants and pastries.  She said "rolled-out" is the opposite,
though I can't imagine what that would be.  She called it a "reverse
method."  I didn't understand her explanation and I was hoping somebody in
this forum could shed a little additional light on the subject.  It is, as
she said, not in our book.  Does anybody want to help me with this one?

Re: Reverse Method? Rolled-Out Dough?
look up croissant recipes.  The are in the classic French way made from a rolled
dough that is spread with
real butter, folded over on itself rolled again then repeat the butter/fold
over/roll a number of times.  Julia Child's did it quite well, because, i have
always assumed this was a classic French pastry methodology.


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