Rolled collar error (with pic)

I was applying a rolled collar to a jacket, I sewed wrong sides of
neckline and collar together thinking that would have left a neat
finish when rolled outward (you know, the inside garment always
reaveals a bit in rolled collars), but then I realized the whole jacket
hem was rolling in the wrong direction!)
see what I did!
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How one can make neat finish (self enclosed) hems attaching the collar
in an unlined jacket?
ANy hints appreciated :)
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Dear nerotensia,
I think the process is wrong, if the pic you sent is correct. You should have sewn the undercollar to the outside, then applied the upper collar as you would a facing. Also, the breakline for the collar should be at the level of the first (top) button. In the pic it is shown way above, causing the breakline to show.
I think you can fix it by removing the collar from the outside, then with right sides facing, sew the undercollar to the outside, and hand-stitch the upper collar to the inside.
If you were doing a lined jacket, the upper collar would be sewn to the lining, and applied to the already attached undercollar.
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