stiff cape collar

I am want to make a cape with a high standing collar. Higher than most
cape collars. I am not sure what material to use in the collar that
will be durable and water resistant.
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"BEI Design" wrote in news:- NudneVpgefKI4jbnZ2dnUVZ
That stuff works great. I used it in costuming several priests for a show a few years ago. It washed very nicely.
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And you can always make boning channels on the collar. I did this for a couple of Dracula capes a few years back. After a good bit of experimenting, what I found worked best was to put one vertically on the CB of the collar, to either side of that I put one piece in on about a 45 degree angle. Looked like this \]/. That along with heavy interfacing (couldn't find timtex in time to meet my deadlines) worked really well. Just regular plastic boning that you can find at the chain fabric stores and usually wal-mart worked fine.
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