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Last weekend I went to the Jane's Fiber & Beads bead show. She does two  
shows here in Fort Lauderdale in January and June. Since my favorite bead  
store (Beads, Beads, Beads) closed a while ago, I look to Jane's for my seed  
bead needs, and for the eye candy.

It's been a year since lampworker Shannon Hill passed and I miss his  
presence at Jane's. Suze from Naples and Laurie Smith no longer attend, and  
this time T-Beads was not there either, The only lampworker was Lea Zinke  
with her ever-scrumptious artwork. The show was quite a bit smaller, only  
two and 1/3 rooms, mostly with silver and copper, strands of stones and  
Indian glass. I picked up the most delcious strand of graduated stones in  
shades of maroon, that the seller called "cranberry granite." I couldn't put  
it down, so it came home with me. Also some seed beads in my most used  
colors, gold, silver and black. Then I found a seller who had loose glass  
beads for 50 cents each and picked up a dozen matched ones for earrings. A  
strand of six glass cat heads joined my purchases.

Sellers remarked that sales were down and traffic through the rooms was  
I hope the economy picks up because without thos bi-yearly show, I'd have to  
buy mail order. There is a really nice bead store here, Beads and Art, but  
it's a distance to drive.

On a personal note, I haven't been doing much beading since my last show in  
November due to illness. Hopefully that's done now and I can get back to the  
business of beading. Valerie Moore sent me a bunch of her polyclay beads for  
my birthday, including her realistic eyeball beads, which promply became a  
necklace and which squicked out everyone at work, hehehe. I love it, though.

And I am now a proud grandma X 2. Lucas Benjamin was born March 4 and is  
quite the charmer. I was lucky enough to be able to fly to Maryland for  
Brady's third birthday in April and to meet the new little one, who was only  
a month old. I am now twice blessed with the cutest grandsons ever.

What's up with everyone else? I miss the chattiness here.


Re: Latest Bead Show
Sounds as if you had a good time at the show.
Congrats on the latest grandson. My youngest son's birthday is the 4th  
March also.
Not done much bead work myself.
Not felt too well this year so resting mostly.


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Shirley Shone
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Re: Latest Bead Show
sounds like you got some good finds at the show! I havent been allowed
to go shopping for more until I make a real effort to use up some of
the ones I have, so this summer is production for me. I'm taking the
semester off from school, and making faces from ceramics, polymer clay
and metal clays, and beads from ceramics and polymer clay, plus
putting together spirit doll kits with faces, beads and sequins, trims
and dyed doll bodies or dyed textiles and a pattern. Got the textiles
part done at this years Dyeing Days--here's the slideshow.
and I've been doing beading and ceramic days with my friend Laura, and
we did a few outdoor shows this month too--
plus I'm still learning more computer programs like dreamweaver and
photoshop....building websites when I can for a bit of income, selling
beads when I can---same stuff I've been doing, just more of it!
good to see you both, Linda and Shirley--I've missed the cameraderie
of this group in days gone by!

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