Font software suggestions please

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I am looking for a program to use when setting up lettering and monograms.

Local bridal shop has a steady flow of work for me if I want it but I am
Others say my work is great but I see every little stitch that is out of

I have a Brother ULT 2001 machine and am currently using Pe Design 6 but
just can not get the look
I want when embroidering smaller lettering.
Main problem is with bobbin thread showing on top of design in the narrow
line areas.

I stabilize all the time top and bottom so I don't think that is the
Maybe I just need to learn this program better but in the mean time I
thought I would ask what others are
happy with.
Thank you so much!

Re: Font software suggestions please
When DS gave me the BabyLock for Christmas 2006, it came with Designer's
Gallery Studio Plus, an Embroidery Management Software, and includes Letter
Works 2.0.
It does fantastic lettering and would probably work with your Brother
machine.  I'm not advertising it, just  making a comment as to my
satisfaction with it.

Re: Font software suggestions please

ama1 wrote:
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Have you looked at the fonts available from Embird: ?
I have bought several and I like the way they stitch out.

Embird also has an add-on font engine:



Re: Font software suggestions please
I use Corel DRAWINGS and it works great.  You can use any truetype font,
specify your fabric and it adjusts the stitches accordingly.  for me it
is perfect every time.


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Re: Font software suggestions please
If I had extra money, I would be ordering Corel DRAWINGS now!
I use Corel Draw and LOVE it!
Thanks for tip!

Re: Font software suggestions please
ama1 wrote:

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I'm also a long time user of Corel Draw (Since Version 1 on Windows
2.0). In their idiocy, however, they make it unrealistic for any user
of Corel Draw to acquire DraWings. The package is fully integrated, so
they don't, or can't, offer it as an add-on. Fine - but they will not
even offer an upgrade (for the price difference) that would simply
replace an existing Corel Draw with DraWings. I wonder just how many
sales they've lost.

That said, I'm very happy with Artista for working with existing
truetype fonts. Other programs that can use any installed (or open)
truetype font include PEDesign and Wilcom.  Programs that can't use
computer fonts directly include Embird and Viking/Pfaff products.

  - Herb

Re: Font software suggestions please
Thank you for the info Herb!
I have PEDesign Ver. 6 and can use it pretty well but my fonts (built in and
TT) sometimes stitch a little choppy or sloppy in the fine line areas.
I am also trying to figure out how to correct for the long stitches (satin
stitch) when using a larger font type.

Also, Do you have a base size that you recommend when setting up smaller
For example when stitching out a name or date?
Thank you again, I always enjoy reading your posts, I learn so much from

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Re: Font software suggestions please
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I recommend seriously Wilcom, if you can buy it. For text only, you
can get the 21L level.

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