Janome MC 300E?

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I am a newbie to embroidery machines.

I have the opportunity to purchase a 2 year old Janome MC 300E for $399 in
perfect condition. It seems like a great deal - is it? Does it embroider
well? I was told the Brother was really good but my hunch is that Janome
is better?

Are there a lot of designs for the 300E? Is there software you can get to
copnvert non-Janome designs? Like the Dakota and stuff? Do they work well
on it? I woudl appreciate any information you can give! I appreciate it!

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Re: Janome MC 300E? A differing opinion
I had a Brother machine and wouldn't give another one houseroom.  I paid
$1300 for it, and had it for one year.  It was into repair 3 times.  When
the warranty ran out, so did the machine--would have cost $900 to fix, as
the bearings were shot.  I now have the Janome 9700 and simply adore it.  I
use embird to transfer designs from one format to another.  For the 9700,
all I have to do is have a cable that connects the compact flash (camera)
cards to the computer and I'm off to the races.


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Re: Janome MC 300E?
If you are interested in good embroidery then you will not beat the Brother
machines. I think the Janome machine is well built, but  the Brother pe
design software is good and there are plenty of free designs in pes format.
There is a very limited choice designs in Janome in my opinion and I found
the Janome software basic.  Janome used different formats for their machines
so beware if you buy any cards they fit that machine.  Also my friend has
the big Janome and has a lot of trouble converting designs due to the hoop
size she says if she had the room she would have bought the Brother machine,
I have to say the embroidery on this machine is nearly as good as Brother

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