Ultimapoly thread revisited...

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I am looking into purchasing some more embroidery thread (#50
polyester - I have plenty of #40 polyester).  (You have to love all
the pretty colours - embroidery thread is yet another way to create
more stash - LOL)

I am seriously looking at UltimaPoly.   I have reviewed all the posts
I could find on this group regarding this thread (most of the posts
were well over a year old), and there seems to be no complaints about
Ultima's quality, but a number of people have complained about the
straight spools it is supplied on regarding the thread "pooling" and
becoming stuck, and subsequently breaking the needle.

I am looking for people who are using this thread, and their
experiences with the thread, especially the "pooling" problems.




Re: Ultimapoly thread revisited...

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One of the posts you are referring to was probably mine.   Don't try to use
UPoly on a thread stand.   That is where the worst problems occur.  You can
get away with using it on a machine spindle if you are very careful, push
the spool cap against the spool snugly, whisper a few magic words, and watch
it like a hawk.  The minute I walk away the darn stuff goes wild!!   It's
just not worth it.  I much prefer the Marathon or ARC, which are both 40

I have decided to use the Upoly in the bobbin when I am embroidering free
standing lace, or anything where I want the bobbin thread to more or less
match the top.  It works fine for that.

A couple of weeks ago, I was using my Bernina 1090s  to do some machine
applique on a wallhanging.  I decided to try using some of the UPoly on top,
since it was the exact color I wanted.  It was a lucky thing that I decided
to do a practice piece to check.   My trusty old Bernina started making an
alarming noise while I was sewing.   After checking everything else without
success - pulled out the bobbin case (in which I was using lingerie thread,
great for applique and machine quilting), cleaned the machine, changed the
needle, said the magic words, still making noise - I finally switched the
UPoly for a spool of Marathon in a close-enough color.   Problem solved.
No more noise.  I did the whole wallhanging with no further trouble.    How
can this be?   I don't know.  It's the first time the Bernina ever balked at
any kind of thread and I've had her for over ten years.

I have a question - why are you intent on buying #50 thread anyway, if you
have a good supply of #40?  I don't find that there is any significant
difference between the two and I use #40 for everything now, including the
Disney designs that call for Brother thread, which is #50.   I have two
Brother embroidery machines, often run both of them at once, and have sewn
out thousands of designs.  Yes, I'm retired with time on my hands!  I
probably don't want to know the answer to this, because I sure don't need to
start another stash either, but what the heck.   So how come?


Re: Ultimapoly thread revisited...
It is entirely possible that one (or more) of the posts was yours (I
read a great many posts from 2-3 years ago).

To try and answer your question, I find that some designs are
considerably more "fiddly" than others to begin with (this can be even
more true of resized designs), and sometimes changing the thread
weight produces a better looking sew-out (no matter how I try to
adjust the designs beforehand) .  So I use both thread sizes,
depending on the design test sew-out.  I use 2 ply 60 wt poly in the
bobbin usually (which is not quite the same as actual lingerie thread,
which has some elastic properties and is nylon, AFAIK).

I have been using some poly brother thread, a large amount was given
me by a dealer who was going out of business, but it is pretty well
gone now (way too expensive, and the spools are just too darn small)

Aside: I have totally ceased using rayon thread long ago because of
the lint issues and the bleaching problems ('tis pretty though)

Hmm...... Here is something that might be of interest:
(scroll down to the section regarding thread that falls off the spool)


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