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I'm thinking you're the proud new owner of a Bernina 440 and I just found
the greatest stitch.  Well, I don't guess it was lost - I just hadn't ever
noticed it.  I'm applying soft fold-over elastic to washable diapers for
Newborns in Need and needed a stitch that was a little better than plain old
zigzag.  Stitch #27 does a wide 3 stitches up and then 3 stitches down -
ahhhh, just right.  Just thought you'd like to know it was there.  Polly

Re: Ping Ursula

"Polly Esther" wrote...
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Oh, thank you! I'll keep that in mind. So far, I just tried plain straight
stitch and satin zigzag for appliqué. Also, I haven't gotten how the
automatic threading works; I didn't get it from the way it's described in
the manual and I will have to look at it again on the DVD; but if that won't
help, I'll have to go to a dealer and pretend to be an interested buyer who
never heard about the threading function. ;-) Currently, I don't get round
to sewing a lot; too much housework and other small stuff going on. Today
(sorry, I started this one on Thursday and didn't get round to finishing it
before now, which is Saturday) I blew my top because DD wouldn't do what she
was told and got a telling off for it from a stranger. I told her (loudly)
to go away; I was an inch away from hitting her. After that, DD claimed she
needed a nappy change and I broke down in tears over her on the nappy
changing table. Really, I can't blame her for grabbing and groping all the
wonderful colourful stuff that they put in reach of kiddie's hands. Well, I
guess you've btdt.

New part (Saturday): I'm so much better since I dropped one of my BP meds; I
guess depression was lurking on my shoulders again. (Beverly, if you read
this, please, don't chide; I've got a doc's appointment on Monday and will
discuss.) Anyway, I finally got the papers for applying for a
mother-and-child 'Kur'; that is a kind of vacation in a specialized clinic,
sponsored by your health insurance. All those 'Bads' in Germany used to
places for 'taking the waters' but it's more than that. A bit complicated to
explain, but you go there with your kid and they pamper you all day, take
care of the little one and mom has time on her hands without the normal
household chores. Of course a MD has to give reasons for your need to go
there, and, please, on an extra form. Well, we're working on it and if it is
approved of (takes them 4 - 6 weeks) then I have four months to go on 'Kur'.
I'd like to go to a quiet (for my shattered nerves) place at the seaside
(DD's respiratory system), but you can't go anywhere you like; every
insurance company has clinics they work with. Keep your fingers crossed. ;-)

OK, that was far more than you wanted to know; thanks for the hint about the
stitch #27 again!

U. - rambling girl ;-)

Re: Ping Ursula
Oh U, wish I lived close by and could give you a couple hours babysitting so
you could have "alone" time now and then!
Barbara in SC, USA
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Re: Ping Ursula
I zeroed right in to your BP medication and depression.  I had one that kept
me just plain annoyed all of the time.  I think it was Norvasc.  A zipper
clanking in the clothesdryer or Mr. Esther wailing about the stock market
would have me grinding my teeth. I'm glad you have a dr apt Monday.  It's
probably time to change your prescription.  Polly

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Re: Ping Ursula
Ursula Schrader wrote:

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No chiding necessary, as you already had the appointment.

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Sounds great, I hope it works out for you and your DD.


Re: Ping Ursula
On 19/04/2011 01:27, BEI Design wrote:
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I was going to ask about that.  People so often forget that mothers with
small kids and depression are in need of respite care as much as those
taking care of kids with problems.

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