Blueberry Pie

Okay, I CAN google and get a recipe, but I need to know tried and true. My
10 year old, Jillian, has decided, ON HER OWN, that her dad deserves a
blueberry pie for Father's Day. My bushes were plentiful and I have at
least four cups of blueberries chilling in the fridge, what I need now is a
recipe that is 1. Easy enough for a 10 year old to master and 2. Good to
eat after the 10 year old makes it......
Cooking commences tomorrow afternoon. Rest of dinner is steak on the grill,
haven't gotten as far as the rest of the meal.
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Virginia Tadrzynski
Virginia Tadrzynski wrote on 17 Jun 2006 in
Fast and tasty.
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BlueBerry Tart
desserts, pies
3/4 cup pecan peices 3/4 cup Sugar 3 tbsp all purpose flour 1 lb frozen unsweetened blueberries; wild variety prefered 1 9 inch frozen/fresh pie shell 1 cup sour cream
preheat oven to 400F
Place pecans, sugar, flour in the bowl of a food processor and process till powdered. Combine in a bowl the powder with the frozen blueberries (mix well). Pour into pie Crust.
Place tart on a foil lined cookie sheet (prevents spilly clean ups). Bake for 50-60 minutes, until the pie crust is lightly browned on top. Cool for at least 1 hour.
To serve cut into wedges and garnish with sour cream.
Contributor: "The Short-Cut Cook" by Jacque Pepin page 247
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