Re: Soften butter? - Use 20% (or Power-2) for 30 sec intervals.

Using a 1000 Watt unit, it is best to use 20% power level (or Power-2 on
most Microwave units) for about 30 seconds. If more time is needed ... do
15 second intervals. ________ Scrapper-D
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Sometimes even that may tend to melt the outside of the butter before the inside is softened. It all depends on the power of your microwave oven, whoch ay vary from 500 to 1200 or more watts. I set the time/ programming, 10 percent power, 1 seconds on, 15 off, two times. Let sit, then check.
Easie, butter can be left out on the countercovered, for several days without harm. If single, just set out the smal portion you think you will use in a couple of days. Also good, a crockery butter "bell" immersed in water.
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