OT - finally home again

Hi all,
I'm home again finally, actually I have been home for a bit over a
trying to catch up with everything, including r.c.b., booking flights
for the
kid to get to college, and sending off some more paperwork for that
part of the lawn is again more than knee-deep, and things are being wet
(d**n it, not tha tI would have had time to get the weedwacker out).
I also have a 4 lb Job's Tears order I'm working on, apart from the
at work. Haven't found time to replace the mostly fairly simple jewelry
that I gave to friends and family.
For me this year is one of those where I had to tell somebody at work
"but not this year" some time like February or March. The good news is
that it doesn't (anymore) look like the job is going away any time soon
(and it is mostly a fun job, even if it takes more than 40 hours/week
to get it done and sometimes it seems impossible to get done at all
- got to have some challenges :-) , and it does pay reasonably well,
I'll admit), but the bad news is that it isn't going to slow down
soon. So, I'll be somewhat intermittent, and I'm not sure there'll be
new pictures anytime soon (I know I did promise Kalera pictures of the
boro earrings, but I'm not sure I can get that done. As I'm not willing
to sell at least one of the pairs this may happen a lot later)
On the more personal side, I'm trying to get over swollen feet above
ankles in spite of my hands still being dehydrated (I know what that
looks like),
dealing with this, that and the other, including these annoying cats
can I have yours for our 3?), my left index finger is still kinda numb
different from before (somewhere between nerve damage in the neck and
menopause, could be carpal tunnel or arthritis, I have no idea, the
seat in my
truck is probably a good start, but I don't know whether I can get a
one - and yes, I do need that truck).
With all this going on I just hope there aren't going to be any
any time soon ...
(will be including my URL again when I'm ready to sell stuff again.
right now I'm just appreciating you all to be there - even if this will
get me a lot more SPAM)
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