Hot Glass Horizons Corning '07

Hot Glass Horizons Corning '07 May 2 - 5, 2007 Corning, NY.
Hot Glass Horizons is the Granddaddy seminar event for glass fusing and other hot glass techniques. Our 26th HGH event is better than ever before. We have added lots of new "hands-on" classes covering all types of kiln work and glass blowing. As one student said, "HGH is an opportunity to learn warm/hot glass techniques from the masters in a friendly, intimate setting, while making lots of new glass artist friends." It's no wonder that close to 40% of our students are repeat offenders... how can you stay away from something this informative and this much fun?
Hot Glass Horizons '07 Corning 15500 NE Kincaid Rd. Newberg, OR 97132 Tel (503) 538-5281 Fax (503) 538-6527
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Class Listing "Fusing Foundations" - VICKIE DAY "Inside and Out"- VICKIE DAY "Installation Techniques" AM - MICHAEL DUPILLE "Fritography" - MICHAEL DUPILLE "Liquid Stringer" 1/2 day - GIL REYNOLDS "Wall Sconces" - DAN STREIFEL "Finish it Up" 1/2 day PM - KERRY TRANSTRUM "On The Edge" - KERRY TRANSTRUM "Relief Image Kiln Forming" - KERRY TRANSTRUM "PMC" - LINDA BANKS "Fusing With Irids" - Jim Gregory "Kiln Formed Bracelets" - JAYNE PERSICO "Advanced Bracelet Design" - JAYNE PERSICO "Marketing Art Glass" 1/2 day PM - PHIL TEEFY "Dimensional Kiln Forming" - PHIL TEEFY "Combing" PM - NEWY FAGAN "Frit Masks" - NEWY FAGAN "Glass Cutting" AM "Triple Play" - Scottie "Double Shelf Fusing" - Diann Schwerdtfeger "Dichroic Glass - A TO Z" - SHIRLEY WEBSTER "Advanced Dichroic Jewelry" - SHIRLEY WEBSTER "Freeze and Fuse" - PAUL KIMBALL "Large Furnace Paperweight Making " - DAVID BUCK and HILARY GODARD
Join us and be part of the Magic!!!!
Gil Reynolds
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