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Does *anyone* here get their messages through Google Groups and have
them digested to their email?
Ever since I got this new email program (Outlook) at work, I haven't
gotten any digests from Google. I tried resubscribing with my Yahoo
addy but they're not coming there, either. :( I'm not sure what's
going on or who to contact. I have a feeling that the IT guy at work
wouldn't be inclined to give me much help. He's kind of an ... well,
I don't like to use "those" words!
I know there's eternal sept. (or whatever it is) but if I'm not
getting it to either of these addies, would they come through that?
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On 1/9/12 11:57 AM, in article
You could ask the IT guy if there are some new firewalls that went into place. Can you just use Outlook and subscribe directly - is the newsreader function working? Sometimes there are firewalls that won't let you get to anything that has the free kind of mail service - such as Google groups or Yahoo. DH has that issue at work, so has to check his Yahoo (hockey stuff) mail via his kinda smart phone.
Maybe - if it's a firewall issue - you might be able to subscribe to eternal september and then just read it thru Outlook. Essentially I do that at home - using Entourage (similar to Outlook) in the Newsgroups portions, with the server selection being eternal september, and then subscribing thru eternal-september.
Well, that was my try.
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Ellice K.
Thanks for at least trying! :)
I haven't talked to our IT person, yet. He's pretty pathetic and doesn't seem to want to help with anything that's not work-related (and sometimes not even those, either!). I *really* miss our previous guru...he was *great* and is now working for the CIA in your neck of the woods (D.C)!
I may get desperate enough to do it, though!
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