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I don't understand something. On both this group and, several people are saying that there is something
wrong with google groups that you cannot post with it.
I usually post using pan newsreader and use eternal-september, but I
am trying to post from google groups to see what is wrong myself. I
have not pressed the "post message" button, but so far there are no
Brian Christiansen
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Brian Christiansen
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Howdy! Good to see you again, Brian. Do you have your quilt pics online somewhere? Can I/we see them? please...
Google groups: only when I have to (vacation w/ hotel pc system, desperation, old-fashioned set-up); just a p-i-t-butt system.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Ragmop/Sandy - in n.Tx. where it's stupid-hot!
On 8/3/11 5:20 PM, in article, "Brian
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Sandy E

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