Hello! Introduction of returning member

Hello, Everyone!
I wanted to introduce myself. I used to read RCTN about 6 or 7 years
ago, but drifted away. I am the Jenny that lives in Indiana, raises
sheep and used to work at Purdue. I do mainly crossstitch and
needlepoint, but have also taught myslef ot knit in the last couple of
years. I have two boys, ages 6 and 2, who are doing well. Those of
you with long memories may remember that my older one has eye issues.
He is doing well, but we had to have a glaucoma procedure done on both
eyes last fall. The right eye also had a complication and now he has
an artificial lens. He will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.
Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was working as a small business
advisor, but (long story behind this) I am now at loose ends until I
find something else. So it goes.
I hope all is well with my old friends here and am looking forward to
making new ones.
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On 3/1/07 3:09 PM, in article
Welcome home, Jenny. I remember you and your boys. I am so glad to hear the oldest is doing reasonably well. Huge hugs and what are you stitching?
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Cheryl Isaak
Am finishing class projects. Currently stitching a needlepoint piece named Constantinople. Doing it on black canvas with turquoise and gray. Yeah, I'm one of those--those crazy people who work on black. Jenny
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Welcome back Jenny! I do remember you and the problems your older boy had with his eyes. So glad to hear that with treatment he is doing well. Constantinople sounds interesting! I hope we get to see a picture of it sometime. We use the Yahoo group RCTNP to do this.
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Mavia Beaulieu
Good to see you again Jenny, so you have two sons now ! That's a handful lol Glad they have been able to help with the oldest, at the time you were not sure if they could save any of his sight.
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lucretia borgia
Welcome Home!!!! I remember you well, and the problem with your son's eyes. I am glad to hear that the little guy is doing OK!! Is it really THAT long ago that you were here. My goodness, time sure flies.
Look forward to hearing more from you
Gillian Florida.
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Gill Murray
BUT, dear Sheena, the problem with aging is that we DO remember the past, but where the heck did I put my glasses?? G
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Gill Murray
This is definitely not a welcome to Jenny, but maybe it shows her we have never changed!! Of course I looked in the frig; they were on top of my head!
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Gill Murray
I am the Jenny that lives in Indiana, raises
Hi, Jenny - from a fellow Hoosier in Anderson!
Hugs n' Stitches - RoseAnn
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