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Hello everyone!
I've been off the air for about six months now, moving from the US
back to the UK, making endless Christmas cards, planning a wedding and
then getting married, making "Thank you" cards, and so on and so
forth. Now, I'm back in the land of the stitching...
I found a Hardanger pattern using Caron threads (Moonglow, I think, is
the colour). In Oxford, there is one "specialist craft shop" (as they
call themselves) stocking everything from set squares to DMC yarn.
They don't do Caron, and the nearest needlework shop in Abingdon don't
stock them either. Does anyone know of an online supplier I can order
from at reasonable rates? Please help.
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UK based online neeedlework shop. According to their website, this is their physical address, but I think it's more of a warehouse-type Unit 8A, Chalford Industrial Estate Chalford Stroud GL6 8NT UK
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Magic Mood Jeep©
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- excellent service and the prices of their DMC and Anchor are excellent - they stock all the Caron threads too. Lovely people to deal with (they`re in Derbyshire).
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Pat P
I was brought up nearby and have walked up past that cottage on my way to Woodhead on several occasions in the 1950s. Lovely part of the country.
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Bruce Fletcher

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