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Sorry if this question is a bit "out there", but I'm wondering if Jill
Gordon's Tapestry Book and Jill Gordon's Tapestry Collection are the
same book. American versions substitute "Needlepoint" for "Tapestry",
needless to say.
Books like this seem to come out in a bewildering variety of names and
editions. I've checked the various used book sources, and I can't get
the information I need.
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I would suspect these are the same book, as I think she only has one needlepoint book out. There are two ways to check, first look at the copyright date. Second look at the names of the projects to see if they are the same. Both these are questions you can ask even if you can't look at the books side by side.
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Read the customer reviews at Amazon. These are the two books you mean, aren't they? If so, yes they are the same book.
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I don't know about the change of title from the UK and US versions but Jill Gordon has done two tapestry books. The first was published in the UK as 'The Tapestry Book' in 1995 and features the Holyhocks screen (it may have been reprinted as Jill Gordon's Needlepoint: Glorious Tapestry Designs); the second was 'Jill Gordon's Tapestry Collection' in 1997 which has the Poppy screen. Both are still available on amazon.co.uk.
You may be interested to know we produce a range of Jill's designs as kits and charts, including all 3 panels for the Poppy screen - check out our website at
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