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Probably talking about Yahoo Groups, which some people use. It appears they switched to a new interface a day or two ago.
And..I sucks.
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Randy Rhine
The Yahoo bean counters are working I think, They can't keep well enough alone. Yes I agree it sucks big time, but I don't need it, so they can keep it !!
Have fun and take care Leo Van Der Loo
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Leo Van Der Loo
If you're talking about the new Google groups format, I agree, I like the old format much better.
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Formats? We ain't got no formats! We don't need no formats! I don't have to show you any stinking formats!
It's USENET!!!
-Dan V.
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Dan Valleskey
solve the problem by getting a news program..
email programs are for email, browsers are to browse, news readers are to read news, and out house express is another of Micro$oft's failures to make a multi-purpose program.. I use Agent, and see the real news group, not what some 3rd party like Yahoo or google wants me to see.. I also don't try to turn bowls on my RAS, but that's another story..
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mac davis
So that you are not confused.........Google has changed the page formatting for newsgroup reading. Those of us that use Google to view the USENET groups are the ones that are complaining.
I liked the old layout, but one feature I like in the new is that it shows the WHOLE thread without paging through 10 posts at a time. Joe Fleming - San Diego
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As someone who has been doing software engineering for over 30 years I'll say 3 things. First, you are right that there are tools to look at this type of content. Second, EVERY portal you open to the outside involves a security risk. I prefer to minimize & contain my risks. Third, why should I have to open multiple programs to view the same type of content format.
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In Google try clicking on the link that says "View titles only" it is closer to the way it used to look.
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Wil Zirkle
Can someone start this thread with a different name, please.. I keep saying "why are they sorry for thinking?"
You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think...
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mac davis
Unless the thread spans multiple pages. There are no tool bars to get past the last shown message. You can click on it in the tree view, but that is a pain in the ass. I like the quick posting. It has a long way to go though.
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