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Two words of caution though: because this fabric is painted and not dyed, y ou can get spots of missing paint where there are linen slubs, or if the fa bric has been scraped or nicked on something. Also, be aware their "sliver linen" has barely any silver sparkle to's super subtle, which is a n effect I like, but if you're expecting more sparkle you'll be disappointe d.
123stitch has a great return policy but be careful buying this brand from a nywhere that doesn't do returns. I bought a large, dark colored piece of it at Stitchville USA (in MN). When I got it home there was a big linen slub right in the middle of the fabric...the slub fell off and left a large whit e spot. I couldn't return it because they don't do returns. :(
Still, I tend to like painted fabrics because the mottling/coloring is a bi t more evenly applied...the hand-dying process is more random in nature.
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