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OY THE PAIN -- I had to FROG 4 inches of my current knitting class
project the other night :*-{ !!!! The class is for a felted tote bag
knit out of double strands of lovely wool. I am doing a "pansy" bag in
purple, lilac, green & yellow. The base and first four inches of the
bag are done in a lovely heathered purple. I had that finished and had
started with the 2" "tweeded" section where I drop one strand of the
purple and start the lilac so that I have one strand of purple & one of
lilac. That section is about 2" then I got to all lilac for 4". After
that I repeat the process to incorporate the green and then the yellow.
The top has holes knit into it and there are long knit straps that go
through the holes -- in such a way that they sort of gather up the wider
sides -- and then knotted.
There are markers at the four corners (3 of one color and one of
another color) of the base which is about 4" x 21". Every five rows,
the pattern calls for adding one stitch on either side of the marker at
the corners -- all four corners. I had 14 rows done which was just at
the 4" mark and I was starting to incorporate the lilac when it dawned
on MOI that I was adding stitches at the odd colored marker only -- not
all four corners! OY THE PAIN -- LOLOL! It's a learning piece, I keep
telling myself :-).
So night before last, when I realized my mistake, I sat and frogged
all that work -- all fourteen rows of knitting -- Oh Woe is MOI! VBS --
when I screw up I don't do what I call legitimate mistakes -- the sort
of thing a beginner would do from lack of experience. No -- I have to
do the truly hare brained stuff like increase stitches at only one
corner out of four. Then again, it might have made an interesting
looking tote bag, to say the least -- LOLOL!
Anywhoo, I got everything back in order and sat and knitted last
evening and am back to the first row of purple & lilac tweeding. Best
part is that, once I got to the first row of lilac & purple, I did the
first corner correctly and forgot to increase on the second corner --
AGAIN! Fortunately I was only 4 or 5 stitches along the row when it
dawned on MOI that I had screwed up. I went back and fixed the second
corner properly and then put the knitting away for the evening. Enough
is enough, don'tchaknow?!?!?!?!? CiaoMeow >^;;^<
PAX, Tia Mary >^;;^< (RCTQ Queen of Kitties)
Angels can't show their wings on earth but nothing was ever said about
their whiskers!
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Tia Mary
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So come on over to r.c.t.y and talk to us. They really are lovely people over there, I have been there as long as here, and have never seen any never flaming or nastiness, and they are all very, very helpful and encouraging. You will also find a few familiar names over there, but if you are nervous, tell them I sent you.
And yes, BTW, that is a typical beginner mistake, especially when you have jumped into a non-simple pattern this soon. The best way around it is to use row counters as well as stitch markers - I wouldn't consider doing a pattern like that without them, especially as most of my knitting is done while I am "helping" dh to watch tv.
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans
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I DID -- I had row counters AND stitch markers and then just forgot to increase any of the corners except for the one with the odd colored marker -- LOL! I have breezed through ALL 25 rows with increasing every 5 rows -- thank you very much. I have even finished the 2" of purple & lilac tweeding and am on just the lilac now! I have left the row markers on for my benefit even tho' I don't need them any longer. Three of the corner stitch markers are now gone as per directions with just the one at the starting corner. Class is on Friday so I hope I have enough done to be able to learn how to make holes. OH -- I need to take a photo of my ORIGINAL DESIGN needle holder with three rows of slots for needles! It is made of pre-quilted periwinkle stripe fabric with KITTY CATS on it -- imagine that :-)!! The only problem is that there was no backing to the quilting and it isn't done with batting but with foam. That sucker was so thick by the time I got the last pocket on that my machine didn't want to stitch the binding on at the edges! I plan to make another piece for my crochet hooks and also a zip top bag to hold the little packets with my stitch counters, etc. in them. When I am at the shop Friday, I plan to buy a tape measure with a kitty on the outside to be included in my knitting stash :-). CiaoMeow >^;;^<
PAX, Tia Mary >^;;^< (RCTQ Queen of Kitties) Angels can't show their wings on earth but nothing was ever said about their whiskers! Visit my Photo albums at
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Tia Mary
I have been knitting some dishcloths for a Cancer fund raiser. Each one has a different motif in it. I can't tell you the times I have landed up with some weird designs. I started with a topiary, put it down. Next time I picked it up, I used the wrong pattern, and blithely knitted away on row 25. That was for a sunflower, so the topiary has half a sunflower on it. Since it is one color, and I do it while the TV evening shows are on, I didn't realise my error until much later. I didn't frog it. I figured it would wash dishes just as well.
With stitching, I do frog errors. I know the oopsie is there. Occasionally I just call it personalising the chart.
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Gillian Murray
OK, for future reference, the best technique here is to breeze through the non-increase rows (i.e.the first four in this pattern)and allow yourself to chat, watch tv etc the while, BUT, when you get to row 5, it is essential to disengage from all other pursuits, (i.e. shut up and knit) \
there are several different ways to make holes, depending on what size is needed and what they are needed for. Might be just for pattern, might be to thread insertion through, might be for a buttonhole ,etc. Mind you, in some patterns it is also easy to leave holes where you did NOT want them, unless you are very careful.
OH -- I need to take a photo of my ORIGINAL DESIGN needle
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans
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Tia Mary , you might also consider , counting by marking a line every time you finnish a row , make IIII and make a / for the 5th row over those 4 lines. With `complicated` or new to me patterns when i need to concentrate this method helps me better than a counter . Sometimes i do both. Since i knit mostly in one piece, without seams , all decreases , increases , are made in the round . And when i make a mistake there is lots to frog ,, thus i prefer to be very careful . and sometimes use both a counter and marking the lines in my workbook. mirjam
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