Well unless something changes

I'll be done with the Baby Dragons for Margaret by the weekend. I'm back
stitching Y now (or would be if DS wasn't playing video games). I figure
I'll be starting Z by tomorrow night at the latest. For some reason, the
last 5 letters have worked up very quickly.
One of my purse projects (a little holiday piece) is ready for back
stitching and beads to replace the french knots. I've decided to swap out
the black backstitching with something else - maybe a darker red or a gray.
I may re-do the pine bough part with a second strand as those look too wispy
for me. Then a quick wash and I'll figure out what to do next.
My goal for tomorrow is to get what few decorations that went up down and
lots of out of the house errands.
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Cheryl Isaak
I need to do this too. So far I've only taken down the outside decorations. Maybe tonight I'll start putting away the inside ones. -Margaret in MA
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Margaret St. John
On Jan 5, 7:33=A0am, "Margaret St. John" wrote:
e with the Baby Dragons for Margaret by the weekend. I'm back
ready for back
I got the outside lights down yesterday as it was above freezing and snow is predicted for later in the week. I didn't want be like our neighbor who was taking down his lights last year in March after the Snowmageddon snow melted. As for the inside ones, probably tomorrow as both DM and I have blood tests to get done today and want to hit Borders with our gift cards.
Just a few more stitches on that last ornament...then time to assemble them.
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On 1/5/11 7:33 AM, in article snipped-for-privacy@coredump.silverthorn.org,
Well, I never did much stitching yesterday and I was hoping for an hour to watch TV and stitch this AM, but first I have to find something to watch! DIY isn't doing the morning craft shows like they were last week or so. SIGH
I'll get to Z one way or another by the weekend!
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Cheryl Isaak

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