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treasure box embroideries
As i looked through my treasure box of old embroideries and laces i looked again at some of the embroideries and wondered, how i can bring them back to life ,,, =use them as is or incoportae them into...
11 years ago 6
Ping Caryn
Tried to email Caryn, but it bounced - does anyone have her current email address please - or, if you`re lurking, Caryn, let me have it, please. Pat
11 years ago
ONS recommendations for threads
Can anyone recommend some good ONSes (or LNSes that do mail order) that deal in a wide variety of threads? I'm specifically interested in crewel materials at the moment. I've dealt with Needle in a...
11 years ago 4
A friend gave me a tablecloth
can someone post a picture somewhere so I can see what your talking about. Thank you Barbara I can scan you a Tablecloth piece ,, if you want it ,, By the way in my site if you go to "fabrics Remember...
11 years ago 2
some stash available
I've found I cannot use Whisper thread (I react to wool), so if anyone wants it, it's available for the price of postage. I have about 8 cards in white, brown and black. I also have Q-snaps and the...
11 years ago 1
OT: I received a virus with a fake greeting card probably connected with this group
Hello All, I usually don't report this sort of thing (in fact I usually lurk these days), but the supposed sender of the greeting card is someone I don't know, but know that some of you do, so this...
11 years ago 46
Remnants of Ike (OT and Long)
Sunday, the remnants of Ike blew through Indiana - literally! Winds up to 50 MPH! Over 200,000 people (in southern Indiana) without power, and it wasn't the usual entire neighborhoods - it was a few...
11 years ago 3
A friend gave me a tablecloth
It is years since i saw a `plain embroidered` tablecloth ,, , A friend gave a nice square a green branch goes all around with lilac [ varigated ] flowers adorning it ,,,, Plain yet the Best one could...
11 years ago 18
OT-Comcast cancelling newsgroups
I was just notified that Comcast is canceling newsgroups as of next month. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive provider that gives great service. Damn them! Lucille charges in Euros, so the exact...
11 years ago 35
Online International S.E.X. report
Exactly one week ago, I placed an order with arrived today. Halfway around the world in 7 days. The kits are complete with everything INCLUDING the needle. Some of them are even GOLD needles! The kits...
11 years ago
New pictures (including crayon quilt)
I posted some pictures on my flickr site - included my crayon quilt, Belle (my border collie mix) and Scruffythe recent rescue, along with some other recent work I hadn't gottenaround to putting in...
11 years ago 14
recent finishes
Here is my most recent finish, enjoy On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 17:25:55 -0700 (PDT), Amber opined: Went wonkey for me, and I backed out. Nice work !!! I've been keeping my eye on the daisies and I'm looking...
11 years ago 40
A.C Moore having sale today only on Floss Wish I had one here!!!! 4/$1.00
I was very disappointed. says... > 's paper had an ad from acmoore -- 'prices slashed; everything on sale" or words to that effect. I wonder if they're closing this store. I hope not
11 years ago 2
Sunset Designs
Does anyone know if this company still exists? I've been googling it and find a lot of references to their old stitchery kits but nothing providing a current contact. I'm trying to track down some of...
11 years ago 11
OT: Ike
I've seen the photos and all I can say is Oh. My. God. Is everyone on the Gulf Coast OK? I wish Everybody strength , and wish all will come through unharmed .. mirjam On Sat, 13 Sep 2008 22:03:18...
11 years ago 10