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I bought a Frema from Pottery Supply House in Ontario this fall and had it shipped to me here in Nfld. It is their 3/4 horsepower reversible that sells for about $995.00 CDN. I love it. Have had no problems with it. Apparently it is the one that they sell to a lot of art teachers in schools. So, they probably take a lot of misuse by young students. If forget how much clay it will centre, up to 50 lbs I think. That really wasn't an issue for me as I have no plans in the near future to work with that amount of clay on the wheel. I am just getting my own studio put together. I think it's a good little starter wheel. Here is the link for the wheel,
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see it has been reduced to $850.00 CDN ***SIGH***.Hope this helps!
Kelly Mollins
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Kelly and Gary Mollins

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