Back among the living!

I'm back on line. Finally. And I have phone service again. Whew. The
west side of our roof will have to be replaced -- the insurance
adjuster will be here tomorrow. But other than that and the fact that
my husband has worked almost round the clock since Sunday last, we are
back to normal.
I have sorely missed you folks. It will take me a while to get together
and respond to a week's worth of posts. Please be patient with me. :)
I haven't done much (any) sewing/quilting. It's horribly cold (temps
are going to hover around 10F give or take a few for the next four or
five days) and the basement where my sewing area is feels like an
icebox. I think I'm moving into the room where the computers now live.
We'll see.
Anyhow....It's good to be back. Thanks for the warm words. I will send
special prayers and good thoughts to those who continue to suffer from
this ornery winter. I am frightened a bit. I believe we're getting the
first unpleasant taste of the damage we have wrought on our world.
Global warming isn't just something happening far away where the polar
bears are starving and the north pole is melting. It's floods, storms,
torrid heat and frigid cold and drought.
Oh that cheery thought, I'm going to go play with my fabric.
Hugs to you all,
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Glad you are back in your house and everything is working. Thankfully you only need a new roof, I am sure there are those that need much more. This has been the strangest winter I can remember in my lifetime.
Jacqueline in KY
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Jacqueline in KY

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