I'm finally back at the keyboard

Hello, all-
Hope everyone is well and that no one has had any bad situations and
that everyone is happily stitching away. As for me, I finally, finally,
finally am situated in my new apartment that DH and I would have shared
together had he not passed away in June.
Had the birthday memory party today, and enjoyed seeing all of his
children again. Well, actually one was missing but she sent her best
wishes. My DD and her fiancé were here also with her little boy, who is
silly as can be. He also had to bring his pet hermit crab, Hermie.
A good time was had by all and a few tears were shed, mainly by me. It
was rough moving since I ran across things of my DS Mark who passed last
year and then, of course, I ran across so many pictures of DH that I have
spent a lot of days, lately, with many sad moments, just wishing that he
would be sharing the lovely apartment with me.
Missed reading all of the messages from all of you for at least a month,
but I am finally back "on board". My sewing room is still in "disaster
mode" and I know where my SM is but I can't reach it. There is so much that
has to be put away before I can get to it. I can see the case, but that's
about it for right now!!! (Sigh!)
Since it is very late, I best get some "shuteye". I just now got hooked
up to NG, on my own since the Support people at my provider didn't know
exactly how to get me hooked up even though I talked to two different
people. I finally figured it out myself. So much for Tech Support at my
provider. Sheesh!!!
Take care, all of you. Hope to be catching up shortly.
Marlys in Indiana
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Marlys in Indiana
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Welcome back Marlys - so good to hear from you again.
I am only too familiar with the whole packing/unpacking thing. And as you unpack you will, of course, come across all those pictures and mementos all over again. Hopefully this second time around you will be able to smile occasionally as you do, and recall all the good memories.
I hope the unpacking goes smoothly for you.
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So glad 'the eagle has landed' Marlys. It's been an awful and very rough haul for you. I really do hope that, eventually, you will be able to settle in and find some happiness in your lovely apartment. The deciding, choosing and buying of it can truly be said to be a lasting gift from your DH. . In message , Marlys in Indiana writes
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Welcome back, Marlys. Good to see you at the keyboard, and before you know it you'll be back at your sewing machine also. I'm so glad you have this wonderful apartment, and in many ways I think your dh IS sharing it with you. : )
Karen, Queen of Squishies -----
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Karen, Queen of Squishies
It's just so good to hear from you. Please don't expect to be recovered from all your heartbreaks too soon. It's really going to take some time and tears after all you have survived. But, dear friend, you *have* survived. Warm best wishes and holding you close in our hearts, Polly
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polly esther
Glad to see you all settled! And welcome home to r.c.t.q! :)
Hehehe! I'm glad it went well and you celebrated. I should think it was a great day, with everyone there.
Ah, well... Tears are good, very healing. I have many moments that I long to share with my father, who passed away 24 years ago. It does get easier after a time, but it will be hard for some time yet, as you know. We have broad shoulders here, well padded for crying on, and an endless supply of clean handkerchiefs.
How tantalising! argh! That would drive me nuts! I'd rather it was totally hidden!
Typical, innit! ;)
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Kate Dicey
Marlys - it's SO good to see a post from you. I've thought about you many times. The sewing and quilting, etc, will all come soon enough. It's just so nice to hear from you. Do take care and pop in from time to time and let us know how every little thing is going.
Hugz Patti in Seattle
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Patti S
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Welcome back, Marlys! It's good to hear that you're finally moved and getting -- however slowly -- settled. Good luck with getting to your SM quickly! :)
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Sandy Foster

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