Back to quilting - finally!

Well, I have finally gotten home from all my travels and I actually think I
can quilt this weekend! I have been on the road since October 4 (Omaha,
Toledo, Ocala, Salt Lake City, Cape Hatteras). The Ocala trip was to
celebrate my grand daughter's 4th birthday so that was a fun trip. Cape
Hatteras was our normal November anniversary (#19) trip but we had company -
the nor'easter! It brought 13" inches of water with it along with sideward
rain and horrible winds. We were actually stranded for several days with
road closures and bridges that were out. But we had power, the hot tub
worked, we had enough food, beer, wine and chocolate, and our Kirby dog was
with us too. Not the vacation we hoped for, but we were safe and together.
Didn't get much quilting done this time though.
Of course there is the other side of the coin. My son and daughter-in-law
lost the baby that was due in late May. I was in Salt Lake City when I got
the phone call. I knew she was going for an ultrasound and thought she was
calling to tell me what they were having. I was devastated to hear that she
had what is known as a "blighted ovum" and although she had all the symptoms
of being pregnant, the embryo failed to form past week 6 or so. They
celebrated their wedding anniversary several days later. It was a very sad
My mom is also in the hospital again. She is going down hill medically and
is fighting it tooth and nail. By that I mean she refuses to let my sister
or I help. She has rescinded her medical power of attorney so the doctors
are not allowed to share any of her medical information with us. She thinks
we are trying to have her committed which we are certainly not. So we do
what we can, but we will probably have to wait until the doctor certifies
that she is no longer capable of making her own medical decisions. Then we
can step in and get her the proper medical care. The holidays will be very
So, I have been doing some knitting which is good therapy for me and
something I can take with me easier than quilting since I don't do much hand
quilting. I have made my new grand daughter (now 3 months old) winter hats
and have some crib blankets in the works too. My grand son has requested a
bed blanket too, in green, dark blue and orange - his favorite colors. So I
am trying to keep busy while I wait for the phone to ring with updates on
I will let you all know how successful I am in quilting this weekend - I'm
hoping for Sunday. We'll see how that goes.
All I know is it's really good to be back!
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Ugh! But as you say, warm, safe, and together. Sometimes that is enough. :)
My condolences to you all.
Oh dear... Yes, sadly there is nothing you can do but wait on that one. With luck it won't be long before the doc catches on.
That sounds comforting. I wish I could knit. Sadly all that happens when I try is a big ole mess of wool with my thubs in the middle! ;)
Welcome home. :)
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Welcome home, Alice. :) I'm sorry to hear about the baby and about your mother -- both very sad situations. Get some rest and enjoy your knitting and quilting. :)
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Thanks for checking in Alice. I don't believe I've read a post that was so full of both good news and bad. I'm glad you had good traveling (for the most part) and got to celebrate your little GD's 4th birthday.
So sad about the loss of the baby expected in May.
I'm sorry about your mother too. It's always so difficult when someone we need to care for is hostile toward our attempts.
Keep knitting and quilting! Sounds like the kind of therapy the doctor ordered.
Best regards, Michelle in Nevada
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Michelle C.

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