Back to sewing finally!!!

Just a quick update so that some people won't worry I've fallen off
the earth....
DDs birthday was last week, and I somehow managed to pull my back out
that night - Joy! Mother was here until the 6th, which had its good
points and bad points...good in that she was really helpful once she
realised that I really WAS in pain (she knows how I originally injured
my back..22+ years ago at summer camp!), and she spent time with both
children (together AND one-on-one). Bad was that this was the first
time she's visited since we had "the talk" and it was a bit strained
and stressful (now we know why my back was hurting, right?).
Obviously, I was NOT going to get any sewing done while she was here
and living in the workroom. Then, DS got the stomach bug that is
"going around" and for 2 days, I was up and down stairs with hydrating
fluids, crackers, and cleaners for the floors. He went back to school
yesterday (school picture day as well as report card day) and is doing
much better now. However, I still couldn't sew because of doc
Today, I've finished my errands (other than dumping emails) and have
fabrics all out and ready!! On the list are 4 flannel crib sheets,
DSs flannel pajama pants, and possibly DDs pink jeans. This is all
I'm shooting for today because my back still isn't right, but at least
it will be sewing!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!
P.S. On a side note, I almost had an accident yesterday because DS
was telling me about his report card. I had to pull over to see if
what he was saying was really the truth....for the first time since
starting school, my ADHD, never finishes anything (or so I thought),
boy brought home STRAIGHT A'S!!!!! Or as he said, All A+, but one
regular A!!! I never did that, hubby never did that...I think the
only person that ever managed straight As was my mother who was her
class's valedictorian!! WooHoo!! Go Tom-tom!!
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Fantastic! But no lifting of heavy bolts of cloth or whole rolls of batting, sister, mine! (Big sis waves pointy finger!)
WOO! Go, Tom, Go! Give him a big hug from me! He's really earned it. :) :) :)
My own Giant Ninja Mutant Teenager looks like getting an A*1 (A* is top achievement grade, 1 is best effort grade) for Design & Technology, at least! A friend of his got an E1 coz he worked REALLY hard but none of his ideas worked! :D (I gave an E1 for an English essay once, in the same school... Kid worked like stink, but the essay was unreadable garbage. The kid was brilliant at maths & physics, useless at English Lit!)
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Well done Tom! Great result :-)
That was the type of grade I used to get for PE - tries hard, but absolutely hopeless at hitting or catching anything.
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Lizzy Taylor
On Oct 10, 11:03=A0am, Kate XXXXXX wrote:
Nope, I already had the flannel for the sheets sitting on my ironing board, and since I have a swivel-type office chair, I just turn it to get what I need (elastic is all cut to size as well!).
I only finished one sheet because of tension issues in the machine (the one that was just fixed), so I will fiddle with that after dinner tonight and hopefully will get it working again. If not, the sheets are something I can use my back up on with no problems, so still a chance to get things speed sewn tonight.
I'm not even going to try and lift the cut pieces of fleece off the floor at this time. My aunt sent me fleece that she had bought for projects but never got around to using. SOme are very nice, some are a little odd, but most can be used for my sleeping bags, which is really a time and money saver! SHe also sent 2 bolts of sweatshirt fleece...hmmmm. Mother said to use it to keep the kids in sweats for the next few years, but I'm toying with the idea of a casual knit dress out of the rather yummy heathered purple .
Since there isn't anything we have to do tonight (other than me needing to run uot for eggs and sugar - banana bread needs making this weekend!), I plan on sewing after the children go to bed until it's time for me to get some sleep. Maybe I'll get everything done that I wanted, maybe not, but at least I have the ability and desire to do so now!
Thomas says thanks (with a major episode of blushing) and he went back to playing with his Pikachu...a present for getting straight As
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