can we post pics

Welcome! I don't recall seeing you here before.
This newsgroup is not for pictures. However, many people post their pictures on a website and let us know here how to go see them. That would be great.
If your ISP does not offer website, consider one of the many free websites such as yahoo, webshots and probably more I can't think of right now.
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Mary in Rock Island IL
In article ,
Welcome, Betty! This group doesn't like to have pictures posted here because some of our members have limited bandwidth and/or time. However, we love to see what people have done, so another option -- one most of our members use -- it to post the photos to one of the free services that can be found on the web. Many use webshots or yahoo or picture trail, all of which (and others) are pretty simple to set up. If you have an internet service provider, you may also be entitled to free web space there.
Good luck, and hurry and send us the link for your photos! :)
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Sandy Foster
will have to do what has been suggested...I do have a thing with pics will have to figure out how to be able to post it here in the group. hugs. betty.
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Not all newsreaders will display html or pics....just text. =20
If you post your pictures on a site like Webshots, then just send the group a message with a link to your pictures, those of us using newsreaders can then open up a browser window and enjoy your pictures.
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Welcome, Betty. You will see some references in various posts to their pictures on these free Websites (I think I mostly see Webshots). Have a look, next time you read through the day's messages, for the blue highlighted 'address' and have a look to see what you think. If you have your own website, of course, you can use that. Quite a few people include their picture website - their own or an already set up one like the above - as a line in their signature. . In message , Crafty writes >hi mary I just joined and thanks for the tips on the pics. hugs. betty.
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