Featherweight experts?

DH bought me a tan Featherweight for Xmas last. It is my favorite of the
three I now own. I have wound bobbins on it since it has arrived in my new
home, but last week, I could not get the bobbin winder to engage with the
belt. DH & I both tried to drop the motor down, to tighten up the tension
on the belt, but we couldn't get it tight enough. If I physically press the
bobbin winder against the belt, I can get a bobbin wound. I have the
original manual, as well as a copy of the repairman's repair manual. I also
have Featherweight 221 by Nancy Johnson-Srebro, but none of the information
I have addresses this problem. And, and, and my Featherweight repair man is
on the road doing quilt shows!! I know he could fix it in a heartbeat.
Does anyone familiar with the FW have any sure fire cures for me??
Northern California
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I don't have any tan fw's but does the winder need a new tire on it or maybe a bit of oil? (no oil on the tire or belt, just the winder itself) Taria
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As Taira suggested, go through the machine and lubricate it as per the manual; there's a little spot on the side of the winder mechanism.
Also if the tire is worn and smooth, there won't be enough friction for it to turn. If there's oil on it you can try cleaning it off with some rubbing alcohol on a qtip.
If that fails there is an adjustment to the winder, which your repairperson can quickly do.
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Not a Featherweight expert, but as I recall there is a rubber "O ring" on the bobbin winder of most of these machines. It may be worn/dried out and need replacing. Easy to do, and the rings should be available. (there used to be a set of a belt plus ring for "generic" machines that you could get at Jo-Ann's and other places. Not expensive.)
Good luck, Pati, in Phx
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Pati C.
My featherweight doesn't have a bobbin winder tire, the bobbin winder pulley pushes directly against the machine belt. The belt on the featherweight should actually be rather loose or it won't sew. Can you turn the bobbin winder pulley by hand?
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Judie in Penfield NY
Thanks everyone for your replies. Hopefully, Friday, I can play with it & see if any of the suggestions work. The belt seemed in good condition, but I'll have to examine it closely. Thanks again!
Pauline Northern California
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