I've been hugged!

I had dinner with our Mika on Thursday and after informative
discussions, she went to show me a project she had just finished and I
loved the colors. Then she turned it over and showed me the label. It
was MY HUG! in memory of my mom. I was overwhelmed.
The amazing thing is that I had just come from my kiddie quilt club
meeting at school where I've been teaching a 20 nine and 10 year old
girls and boys how to make hugs. We've been giving them mostly to
community children in need of a "hug" and gave our first 2 of the year
just that afternoon to 1 little girls that lost their mom. The person
coming to get the quilts started to tear up and some of the kids did
Now, I will bring my HUG in for them to see. What a great lesson.
I am totally amazed at the talent from the people in this group. I
spread it out and was amazed at what we do.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
With tears in my eyes
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Linda, I'm so glad your HUG has been delivered, and it's so great that you're going to be able to share it with a group of kids who will understand what it means to give or receive a HUG.
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Louise in Iowa
You deserve to know the joy of having your very own hug. I love what you do with the kids. Such a wonderful thing you are doing.
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What a wonderful Show-N-Tell lesson for your students.....
I hope when you wrap your HUG around you ... you feel the loving arms of all your RCTQ family.
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Kate G.

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