It took a hurricane

to finally get my phone line repaired. I had my house completely
rewired and still no phone. The hurricane took care of it. The
repairman came by about 2 a.m. I was up at that time and wondered out
to see how much damage the storm had done. I got to talk to the
repairman after he came down. Some kind of chip had to be replaced.
The same one that had malfunctioned 4 years ago.
Not much damage here. Some neighbors lost cable, some lost electric
and me I had no phone.
Couldn't evacuate. The evacuation of about 2 million people had the
interstates and state highways choked with those leaving Louisiana and
the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Winds were not bad and we didn't get the
22 inches of rain as predicted.
And the first business to open...Walmart.
And keeping this on topic, all my SM's were packed in the van along
with my machine quilting frame. As I waited out the storm I pinned 70
blocks together ready for the SM and got the fabric ready for the
border of my Hunter's Star.
Sun should be out today so we can dry out.
Kate T.
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Kate T.
At least something good came of the storm! A working phone and 70 blocks ready to go. I'm glad to hear you fared so well. Whew!
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Really glad to hear from you, Kate - glad about the phone, too! . In message , Kate T. writes
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Thanks for checking in, Kate! So glad to hear you're safe - and now we'll be waiting for pictures of the Hunter's Star!
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Kate, I'm so glad that things weren't too bad for you! And now that the phone line is fixed, you're all set to get back to "normal" -- until the next one hits. Good luck. :)
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