My quiet sewing machine - My Style Janome

Hi all,
I have just finished cleaning my sewing machine - a My Style Janome which
was 2nd hand when I bought it a few years ago. I have always been very
careful in keeping it clean and free of lint but today, after it making some
clunking noises, decided I couldn't wait to have it serviced - about 3
weeks - as I have heaps to sew.
I got my screwdriver and set to cleaning up the mess - and now I have a
wonderfully quiet machine that is working so smoothly after a litter TLC -
and I don't need to get it serviced until after Christmas which suits me
just fine.
Have to say I was astounded at the amount of lint inside - I took off
anything that I could unscrew and give it a good clean, very carefully
removing the lint - no more clunking noises and it runs so beautifully
smooth - better than it ever did.
A very happy quilter
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I don't speak 'Janome' so I don't know. Do you have a manual of some sort? She might want a smidge of oil here and there . . . and she might not. If you do decide to oil her, do stitch on scraps for a few feet to be sure she's not going to run an oil streak on something important. Polly
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Polly Esther
Hi Polly,
I didn't oil her this time but after I have finished my Christma gifts I am making, will give her a holiday and an oil.
I just can't believe how quiet it is.
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On Nov 24, 12:04=A0am, "DiMa"
HI I am a Janome fanatic..... Many of the fabrics we use and the batting we use nowadays seem "lintier"....I have gotten into the habit of cleaning my machine each time I sit down to sew......amazing how much collects.....My ancient Singer now called vintage will sew through anything with any needle and thread, these new machines however are more sensitive, due to al the electronics I am sure, are way more delicate to any clean out that lint OFTEN... Mauvice in Central WI
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Mauvice in central WI
Timely reminder Mauvice. I am just about to start quilting, after a lot of piecing. So, when I change the foot, I will take out the lint from the bobbin area (while I have the screwdriver out >gHI
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