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It seems I can be an OP, but I cannot post within a thread at the moment.
Still trying to figure out Shawn. He must have seen somebody write it
else how could he have spelled it?
KT if your button situation is not resolved, I am a compulsive buyer of
button jars and would be willing to have a look to see if I have anything
suitable. It is amazing what you find in button jars, and while I am not
certain I have any dolly buttons in my hoard, it seems I ought too. I
sort by size, color, and material, so it wouldn't be too dire a task to
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I am so grateful for all the offers I received on my search for buttons! Ginger, who is on this list, sent me a packet of the small black buttons and they are just "right." Now I can make those cute animals! Strange that your hoarding buttons seems to be catchy. I find myself looking at buttons at all the stores and web sites now. And I don't even need any!
I hope that I can help someone on this list some day!
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KT in Mich
For anyone needed little tiny white/opaque buttons - got those in spades! Musta been from my dad's work shirts collar buttons. Would make a great stamen bunch in a basket WUH with flowers?
Ginger in CA still thinking some day to do a basket WUH with yo-yo flowers using my mother's buttons in the center.
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Ginger in CA

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