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Just have to tell everyone - If you ever get a chance to attend a program by Sharon Shamber - DO IT!!!
Most enjoyable, humor filled program I have seen for ages. She came to our Quilt Guild in Florida from Arizona. Didn't even complain about our hot humid weather.
The program was filled with personal comments as well as quilt related conversation and a really great trunk show.
Lots of questions answered, and we could touch the quilts after the formal program. She is my idea of an "art" quilter.
Best of all done with a smile all the way through.
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Anna Belle
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Anna Belle, I've been fortunate enough to take a few classes from Sharon, and I have to agree with everything you say. She's inspiring and very down to earth, and she always lets people touch her quilts. I'd highly recommend her to any guild program chair!
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Sandy Foster

Sandy, What really surprised me was expecting to see lots of longarm information, but seeing so much hand work and machine work in applique. The two techniques combined were spectacular. Either very inspiring or very intimidating.
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