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Hi all
Long time, no post. So, school is out, officially, but the work continues. What was supposed to be an easy close-up of the year to simply stack chairs in my classroom/computer lab ended up with everything in cabinets except the computer CPUs to be taken downtown to be updated, instead of remotely, since I'm getting new carpet. YEAH! It's over 30 years old so you can imagine. And with all the new software and books I got called in to the main office to go over things and order and answer questions.
I'm also busy taking care of stuff for my summer business meeting for my student competition group and will be in Orlando in July. This will be my last summer on the board. Happy/Sad dance since they have been a great group of people but a meeting right in the middle of summer wrecks family plans.
I also was awarded a management contract from the State of Alaska to run our State Student conference for the next three years. Simply adding insanity on top of insanity, but the other person switched jobs and the contract expired so I could either try for it myself and get some compensation, or "help" someone all year and not get compensated while they did. I'll take the former.
But, keeping things on topic, next week Friday is Quilty Day. The math teacher, the science teacher, the secretary and I are getting together to sew and eat and drink some "grape juice". Not sure what I'm going to take to work on. I have a Hawaiian square I'm hand quilting, I have some hand applique started, and I have my red sticks blocks. That is what I would like to work on, but don't know if I want to lug the machine out for just a day. Probably will. The math teacher has a big room with four folding tables and a back deck that has a view of the mountains. Sounds like a good day to me.
I'll be sure to report back. I have a week to gather things together so that will give me some time to think about it.
Steven Alaska
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Steven Cook
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So good to see you posting again! My MIL was a teacher and she always said the work never stops just because it is summer. Congratulations on running the Alaska State Student conference! Barbara in wet SC
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Bobbie Sews More
Good to hear from you, Steven! I know too well how busy the end of the school year can be, so a quilty day sounds like a perfect way to destress and relax. :)
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I'm jealous, both of your Quilty Day and of your new carpet! Roberta in D
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